Welcome at our home page!  If you are planning a trip to this World Heritage Site, but do not know where to go, what there is to see, or do not have the 4x4 vehicle to visit it, we will be able to assist you! 

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The Richtersveld is a remote, isolated, mountain desert, yet many people are planning a trip to this beautiful part of South Africa.  Are you up for this Richtersveld challenge?  If you are, we can help!...


At Richtersveld Tours, we believe in working closely with the local community and the Richtersveld Municipality.  We offer insight into the cultural side of the Richtersveld as well as the botanical landscape, with accurate information and a good general knowledge of our area..  We offer tours into the Richtersveld Conservancy as well as the Richtersveld National Park, including the World Heritage Site with camping– or chalet accommodation.  We supply all accommodation and 4x4 vehicles or information regarding where to stay or what to visit if you tour on your own. 


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